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Future-skills that will make you most employable

Do you think about which job skills will make you probably most employable in future? Media often looks at which skills boost income or help you get a job.

Welche Kompetenzen helfen uns beim Job der Zukunft?

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When I think of jobs and their expected employment chances and personal value in the future, we are looking to more circular careers with permanent changes.

Your income isn’t all that matters. A skill could be highly paid, but only useful in a narrow range of jobs, giving you few options if you change your mind about what to do. A skill could also be highly paid right now but at risk of being automated in the long-term. And ultimately people care about job satisfaction, and that is not much increased by higher income.

According to US and GB research and it’s analysis, the most valuable skills could be summed up as “leadership” skills, such as:

  1. Analysis and learning, including judgement, critical thinking, complex problem solving, active learning.
  2. Management, including time management, monitoring performance, coordinating people.
  3. Social skills, including active listening, spoken communication, social perceptiveness.

The least employable skills are those involved in manual work, such as equipment maintenance, repairing, operation and control. Most of these tasks can be highly automated, not giving you a job guarantee.

Regarding school/college leaver’s skills, the statistics are telling us that employers were broadly satisfied with their IT, technical and numeracy skills. They were relatively less satisfied with their problem solving, self-management, analysis, communication and business awareness. But those skills are needed for your journey in job life.

Conclusion: what skills should you learn? Read the full article on 80.000 Hours and find your answers.

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