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Come to stay or to new shores

In 2013, just under 25,000 highly qualified specialists from outside the EU came to Germany. According to estimates by the Employment Agency, 100,000 new people would have to be added each year. They are needed to keep our economy going, to make the companies future-proof and to counteract demographic change in Germany.

In order to meet these specialists, for example, I work in the MAKE IT IN HAMBURG project. I help qualified and committed people there to find their way to the appropriate job in the desired company. The workshops in a mixture of consulting, coaching and training I carry out regularly according to their own concept.
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The most dangerous world view is the world view of those who have never looked at the world. Alexander von Humboldt

Work & Travel and Worldwide Volunteerism are the terms that combine volunteerism and intercultural competence.

Not only the different cultures are promoting a vibrant community and the future in our country. Also, personal, personal experiences with different cultures are helpful for anyone who was born and raised in Germany.

Intercultural competence is created through lifelong learning and engagement with foreign cultures. For people in professional life, intercultural skills are very useful on the career path, in customer contact and in intercultural teams.

In cross-cultural preparatory training it is my job to sensitize young employees with simulation and reflection exercises. The stay abroad is well prepared. In addition to intercultural communication, topics such as conflicts and adaptation with alternative solutions as well as the wide variety of basic values ​​are also part of the preparatory seminars.

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